Cathodic Protection

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HAWKINS has the experienced personnel to assist with all phases of your cathodic protection needs. We are set up to design, consult and install. We have trained technicians to survey, troubleshoot, and address repair needs. We are available in the Eagle Ford Shale, the Houston Metropolitan Area, South Texas and throughout the Gulf coast to:

  • Design and install current requirements on new and existing pipeline systems.
  • Design and install deep well and surface type impressed current ground beds.
  • Design and install linear anode systems.
  • Design and install sacrificial and galvanic anode beds (onshore and offshore).
  • Perform depth of cover surveys
  • Atmospheric surveys
  • Perform leak detection surveys
  • GIS mapping surveys
  • Perform Annual and CIS surveys
  • Interpret CIS and Annual survey data to provide recommendations to resolve discrepancies.
  • Perform AC/DC Mitigation Surveys and identify problem area as well as design and install remediation.
  • Identify and test shorted casings, recommend and perform procedure to clear casings of short.
  • Test and repair shorted flange insulators.
  • Troubleshoot rectifiers and repair on site.
  • Pipeline locating with the ability to perform bell hole inspections at line encroachments and anomaly digs.
  • Test lead repairs and installations using hydro vacuum excavation
  • Inspect and perform recoating of pipelines.