"It is the company’s mission to be recognized as a leader in providing energy services through continuous improvement in all operations, with emphasis on training and educating employees in job safety and customer focus."
— Founder, JAY HAWKINS

Management Team

RJ Hawkins


Will Hawkins


Jimmy Magouirk

Field Superintendent (Huntsville Office)

Thomas Kirsch

General Manager

JW Hawkins


Jennifer Hines

Safety & Compliance Manager

James Bendele

Operations Manager (West Texas)

Dusty Storck

Operations Manager (Huntsville Office)

Keno Garza

Operations Manager (South Texas)

Freddy Cuellar

Fleet Manager

Patrick Danford

Construction Division Manager

Brian Madden

Field Superintendent (Huntsville Office)

Richard Garcia

Field Superintendent (South Texas)

office personnel

Christy Villalobos

Accounting Manager / HR

Jennifer Scott

Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Gay Davis

Payroll Coordinator / Accounts Receivable Clerk

Rebecca Garcia

Administrative Coordinator / Safety Compliance (South Texas Office)

Lynne Bennett

Accounts Payable Coordinator

Amanda Dowling

Administrative Coordinator / Accounts Payable Clerk

Crissy Sanchez

Administrative Coordinator (West Texas Office)

Terra Burroughs

Administrative Coordinator (Huntsville Office)