"It is the company’s mission to be recognized as a leader in providing energy services through continuous improvement in all operations, with emphasis on training and educating employees in job safety and customer focus."
— Founder, JAY HAWKINS

Management Team

RJ Hawkins


Will Hawkins


Mark Farley

Vice President

Dana Turner

Accounting Manager / Human Relations

Thomas Kirsch

General Manager

JW Hawkins


Jennifer Hines

Safety & Compliance Manager

Gay Davis

Payroll Coordinator / Administrator

James Bendele

Operations Manager (West Texas)

Dusty Storck

Operations Manager (Huntsville Office)

Rebecca Garcia

Administrative Coordinator / Safety Compliance (South Texas Office)

Keno Garza

Operations Manager (South Texas)

Fred Cuellar

Fleet Manager

Amanda Dowling

Accounts Payable Coordinator / Administrator

Eileen Rios

Administrative Coordinator (West Texas Office)

Frank Moreno

Field Superintendent (West Texas)

Lacey Dimmick

Accounts Receivable Clerk / Administrative Coordinator

Heather Rause

Accounts Receivable Clerk

Bianca Jimenez

Administrative Coordinator (Willis, Texas Office)