Why Is It Important To Have Routine Pipeline Maintenance?

Pipeline is a widely used term in the oil and gas industry. Pipeline is a long pipe or tube which is located underground to help in transporting oil and gas over long distances. Having a functional and efficient pipeline is of supreme importance to the oil and gas companies.

Hawkins is one of the leading companies to provide pipeline maintenance in Texas. Our clients contact us for any or all of their maintenance and repair requirements. Hawkins is equipped to handle large and small pipeline projects and provides an array of maintenance services.

Some of the maintenance services that we provide our clients are, pipeline rehabilitation, reroutes and integrity work, planning & feasibility, scheduled and emergency maintenance, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), hydrostatic testing, fabrication of pipeline infrastructure components, station division, gas utility distribution line installation and maintenance, emergency Response, damage prevention personnel, line locating services, cathodic protection design, installation, and maintenance.

Why is pipeline maintenance important?

One of the most crucial functions of the oil and gas companies is to have an appropriate and reliable pipeline for transporting oil over far areas. Pipelines are susceptible to corrosion which is a troublesome expense on part of the plant owner. Almost all pipelines are vulnerable to corrosion however plastic pipelines don’t seem to get affected by it. Hawkins offers pipeline maintenance in Texas.

A good pipeline has a life of almost 50 years if maintained suitably and repaired when necessary. Some of the essentials tips to have a long life of pipelines are to constantly have leak checks and pipeline inspections on a regular basis.

Hawkins is the service provider you need to fulfill all your pipeline maintenance needs and we pride our self in being the “one-call” service provider. We offer pipeline upgrades, repairs, rehabilitation, re-routes or replacements, and other pipeline maintenance in Texas.

Why is Hawkins the best in pipeline maintenance?

Besides being the finest in assisting the client’s needs regarding pipeline maintenance, Hawkins employs the most able and skilled workforce. Hawkins believes in proper education and safety of their workforce. We have employees from reputed institutions such as NCCER, OQSG, and Veriforce. Hawkins has noted four successful decades of service in this industry and expects to continue to serve for years to come.

Hawkins is not only limited to pipeline maintenance services. Hawkins provides other services such as, oil field maintenance, assistance in construction projects, midstream services, cathodic protection, downstream maintenance, drilling and facilities services, and renewable energy. To learn more about any of the other services provided by Hawkins click this link.

Our headquarters are located in Alvin, Texas. We also have other locations in Carrizo Springs, Huntsville, and Alice in Texas. For more information about our services or to get in touch with us click here.