What Qualities Does it Take to Work in Oilfield Maintenance?

If you’ve been following Hawkins for a while or you’ve been interested in getting into oilfield maintenance, you should know by now that the job requires a lot more than a hard hat. Unlike most professions, there’s a lot of danger involved in the job, but not only that, the job requires a certain mentality that isn’t necessarily required at something like working at your local grocery store. But as demanding as it may sound, there are some qualities you can start working on now that will help prepare you for a long career in oilfield maintenance.


Before you go searching for Oilfield maintenance near me for work, one thing that you should definitely work on is your attention. Because out in the oilfield, there’s a lot of heavy machines, and things can happen fast. At some points, the job can be life and death even with strict Osha regulations. Accidents happen, but to minimize the risk of those accidents, it’s paramount to have a good attention span and be able to stay focused on the job at hand.


If there’s one big ingredient in the people working in Oilfield maintenance in Texas, it’s discipline. Without discipline, the job simply cannot be done right. It may sound like the job is one giant adventure, but the truth is, just like any job there will always be repetitiveness and some moments where things get boring. In those times, it can be easy to slack off and not take things seriously. But oilfield maintenance happens to be one of those jobs where you can’t afford that attitude because there are some important tasks happening every moment. Discipline is key.

Team Mentality

When you do a deep dive on the job and do a search for Oilfield onsite preparations near me, you may spot pictures of workers on the job all working in unison to get the job done. That’s because oilfield maintenance is not a job where it’s one for all or all for one. Everyone needs to work as a team to be the most efficient as possible. The equipment can be big, the job can be strenuous, and at times, one man may need help. You can’t go into the job thinking that you’ll be leading the charge. It’s a team effort that requires a team mentality in each worker.


Lastly, the one major quality that one needs to work in oilfield maintenance is grit. Ask anyone working in Drilling services in Texas and they’ll tell you that it’s not a job for the weak-hearted. You need to have an overall tolerance and mindset for hard work because it’s a hard job. But if you’re down for the challenge, then maybe it’s a job for you!