What is the Difference between Midstream and Downstream Oil services?

Many oil and gas services companies offer upstream, midstream, and downstream services to their clients. Although not many people know the real difference between these services. Let’s delve further into what it really means if a company offers upstream, midstream, and downstream services. Hawkins offers downstream maintenance in Texas.

At Hawkins we offer plenty of services to fulfill your plant, equipment, and construction needs. Some of the services offered by Hawkins are oil field maintenance, construction projects, midstream services, cathodic protection, and downstream maintenance, drilling workers, facilities workers, and lastly renewable energy.

What is the difference between upstream, midstream, and downstream services?

Oil and gas companies can offer different services depending on their position on the supply chain. Each of the services provided has a specific location in the function chain. Upstream services usually deal with the identification, extraction, and production of raw materials. Downstream services possess the last position in the function chain. They cater towards providing finished petroleum products to the consumers. Midstream services undertake the responsibility to connect the upstream and downstream services.

At Hawkins we have a proven track record of serving our clients for over four decades. We believe in providing the best midstream and downstream services to our clients. You can follow this link to learn more about our downstream maintenance in Texas.

Downstream maintenance is the final result of the crude oil and natural gas that consumers use on a daily basis. Downstream services include all the procedures necessary for converting the raw materials to finished products that we depend on a day-to-day basis.

All of the three levels of services, upstream, midstream, and downstream have equal importance in the efficient market operating dynamic.

The process starts with an upstream location that has a wellhead and makes arrangements to get it drilled. After the drilling process is completed the collected hydrocarbons are to be safely transported by means of a pipeline. That process is covered by the midstream. Hawkins provides midstream services that involve the upgrade, repairs, rehabilitation, re-routing, or replacement of a pipeline. Hawkins prides itself on being a ‘one call’ service provider to meet their client’s midstream requirements. We look forward to doing business with you.

What downstream maintenance services can I expect from Hawkins?

Hawkins is well known for serving their client's downstream maintenance needs for forty-plus years. At Hawkins, we provide well-trained and informed personnel as well as any equipment needed for purifying and cleaning out the impurities. We hold our promise of providing the most skilled workforce to fulfill our client’s maintenance and repair needs. Here’s a link to get more information on our services like midstream and downstream maintenance in Texas.