The Best High Paying Jobs in Oilfield Maintenance

In many ways, the world still hasn’t rebounded back from all the changes that occurred at the beginning of 2020. And there’s still plenty of work to be done before the new normal sets in. One of those areas that are still in flux is the job market. With workplace standards changing on a daily basis and people leaving their jobs at an all-time high, it’s no wonder that the job market is so up and down. But one industry that remains constant is oilfield maintenance. Today, we take a look at some of the best high-paying jobs that oilfield maintenance has to offer. Whether you’re searching for oilfield Maintenance near me, or elsewhere.

Gas Plant Operator

If you happened to be looking for oilfield Maintenance in Texas, more specifically a job in the field, then you may want to look into being a gas plant operator. This job typically sees you earning around $41,000 to start a brand new exciting career. The job of a gas plant operator isn’t as dangerous as it may sound. What the job entails is bringing gas to the utility companies that need it but distributing and processing it using compressors.

Well Testers

Those who google Oilfield onsite preparations near me probably also want to know all about well testers. Well testers in the industry of oilfield maintenance usually make around $44,000 and have the important job of making sure that monitoring systems are on the up and up. There isn’t as much testing involved as there is data collecting and making sure that readings are accurate. Because when it comes to oilfield maintenance, things don’t run smoothly if there isn’t a level of accuracy involved.

Chemical Engineer

To get this next job, you’ll probably want to look into some oilfield onsite preparation in Texas. Because the job of chemical engineer tops the list as one of the highest paying oilfield maintenance positions clocking in at around $63,00. This is one of those jobs where you’ll need a lot of schooling but the payoff is definitely as you’ll be the one leading the charge in designing chemical processes using the principles of chemistry and so much more. It’s a job that revolves heavily around science with an emphasis on application.

Sales Reps

And lastly, one of the best jobs to get your foot in the door of oilfield maintenance on an entry-level is to start as a sales rep. Sales reps can earn anywhere from between $35k to $45k. As expected, you’ll be working with people first and foremost handling payments, questions, concerns, and things customer service.