Oilfield Site Preparation and General Well Construction - Oilfield Construction Contractors

Once an oil and gas well site has been selected, scientists will first determine its boundaries. If necessary, an environmental impact study will be conducted. To begin drilling the land, the oil company may need to obtain lease agreements, titles, right-of-way access, and legal jurisdictions (for off-shore sites). 

Oilfield Site Preparation and Construction

Once all the legal issues are settled, oilfield construction contractors are ready to prepare the land. For the most part, site preparation for an oil and gas well looks just like any other construction site. 

  1. The land is cleared and leveled of all trees and vegetation - access roads are then built. 
  2. Because water is required when drilling, there must be a nearby water source. If there is no natural water source, the crew will drill a water well. 
  3. A reserve pit and settling pit may then be excavated and are used for water, rock cuttings, and drilling fluid (mud) discharges during the drilling process. If the site is located in an area that is ecologically sensitive, such as a wilderness or marsh, then discharges should be disposed of offsite. 
  4. As a single source for your oilfield construction needs, Hawkins can provide others services that may include: soil cementing, rat holing, setting conductor pipe, water testing, pit closures, and any other location construction need.

Once the site is prepared, the oilfield construction contractors dig several holes for the main hole and the rig. On some drilling sites, a rectangular below-ground cellar may be excavated around the drilling hole (borehole). This will provide necessary space for workers and other drilling accessories. The first part of the hole is shallow, but larger than the primary portion. It is then lined with a large-diameter conductor pipe. Additionally holes are also dug off to the side of the main site to temporarily store equipment. Once these holes are finished, the site is ready for the rig set up. 

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