Keeping cool in the warmer months while working in Oilfield Maintenance

When it comes to working in Oilfield maintenance, it’s no surprise that there can be a lot of ins and outs to the job that take years to master. The job itself isn’t for the faint of heart and requires a top-level discipline and hard work ethic. One of the things that makes the job difficult aside from the heavy equipment is dealing with the harsh elements, mainly heat. While out in the oilfield, the temperatures can rise pretty quickly and this can become an unexpected hardship on the job for anyone that is just starting out. So today, while you may be looking up some Oilfield Maintenance near me, we’re going to tell you all the ways you can keep cool in the warmer months while on the job.

Wear white

If there’s one thing that could be said about oilfield Maintenance in Texas, it’s that it’s tremendously hot at times. Texas is a hot place in general that’s why it’s become a place that not only people want to move to, but visit on vacation. These temperatures can sometimes make working in the field feel unbearable. One technique to keep you cool is to wear white. White will always deflect sunlight as opposed to dark colors which attract it.

Stay Hydrated

Oilfield onsite preparations near me won’t matter much if you’re dehydrated. Dehydration in severe heat can become something serious rather fast. The body begins to shut down and motor skills become diminished. That’s why it’s important to always drink plenty of fluids while out on the field. You can never be too hydrated. And the more than you sweat in warmer climates the more moisture your body is depleting. You need to drink enough to replace all that you’ve lost.

Pace Yourself

One thing that’s important to take away from oilfield onsite preparation in Texas is the ability to pace yourself while working. Because when it comes to oilfield maintenance, everyone needs to work as a team. It’s not supposed to be a competition which means that everyone should really be going at their own speed. The more you know your body the better and you won’t exhaust those precious resources that you need to stay healthy in the heat. Always remember to pace yourself and keep things slow so you don’t wear yourself out quicker.

Listen to the vets

One good rule of thumb to help protect you from overheating on the job is to listen to those who have been working there a lot longer than you have. They’ll be primed and ready to give you lessons on what works best and it’s probably in your best interest to heed their advice.