Hawkins Provides Drilling Services in Texas

At Hawkins, our clients depend on our remarkable services in oil field maintenance, construction projects,mid stream services, cathodic protection, downstream maintenance, providing drilling and facilities workers, and renewable energy.

We have successfully delivered exceptional assistance to our clients for more than four decades. We have a qualified crew to meet any construction needs of our client. We ensure the high-grade equipments we provide to our clients are maintained on a clockwork schedule so that there is minimum downtime at the location- drilling services in Texas.

What are some of the equipment that Hawkins provides for drilling services in Texas?

Hawkins boasts of an impressive line of equipment to meet the client’s needs on the location of the oil field site. Equipment required for dirt equipment, soil cementing, rat-holing, setting conductor pipe, water testing, and pit closures.

Hawkins is not only capable to provide top-notch equipment but also employs an experienced workforce that is well informed about the environmental codes our clients are expected to follow. Our strong ties with necessary government bodies help us in maximizing job site efficiency.  

What are the services offered by Hawkins on-site?

Hawkins offers tons of services that included but are not limited to:

·         General well site construction,

·         Site Preparation,

·         Lease Road Construction,

·         Supervision and consulting- drilling services in Texas.

Hawkins offers consultation, support, management, and complete construction within the oil and gas industry. Hawkins guarantees to go above and beyond to fulfill the expectations of our clients.

Why is it necessary to have responsible oil drilling service provider?

Hawkins is chosen by clients to meet their oil drilling requirements and Hawkins prides itself in completing the job in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Choosing a service provider is a conscious decision taken on behalf of the company because it not only helps the company economically but also helps the environment. Natural oil seepage is very dangerous for marine life, especially when drilling offshore in coastal areas. It leads to harmful emissions of methane gas which releases into the atmosphere and creates a layer of oil on the water’s surface.

Researchers believe consistent drilling of oil will benefit the marine life as well as the atmosphere. What really happens when we drill oil is the pressure of oil reservoirs which are underground is reduced and hence less methane is introduced in the atmosphere- drilling services in Texas.

Hawkins is a prime example of a company that provides and assists its clients every step of the way and appoints only qualified crew to cater to the jobs on site.

Hawkins takes the safety of their employees as a top priority. Personnel safety and education are of utmost significance to Hawkins- drilling services in Texas.