Four Big Responsibilities of an oilfield maintenance manager

With the economy getting back into shape and workers not only returning to their old jobs but also choosing new lines of work, all jobs in the market are being looked at. In terms of high-paying gigs, you’re probably no stranger to hearing about top-paying jobs on the oilfield. And it’s true, oilfield positions pay well, but so do the positions that keep the oilfield running which is known as oilfield maintenance. So what do you do? Here are four big responsibilities under an oilfield maintenance manager.

Managing a team

When you ask yourself whether or not there’s oilfield maintenance near me, you need to also ask yourself if there’s a manager managing a team. Because chances are, there definitely is. One of the biggest jobs that an oilfield maintenance manager has is making sure that the team is running smoothly. They’re essentially the team captain running the ship, from call-outs, job requirements, accidents, you name it. A manager at an oilfield maintenance site wears a lot of hats, but they’re there mainly to ensure everyone does their part.

Osha Policies

People would be saying that there are no oilfield onsite preparations near me if not for Osha because Osha sets the standards for keeping everything safe from supermarkets to the oilfield. That’s right, the oilfield has a ton of Osha policies to adhere to or else the site wouldn’t be allowed to operate. But these policies aren’t the responsibility of the workers, no, to make sure they’re being followed, that falls on the manager. The manager is tasked with ensuring that all employees follow Osha rules. It not only decreases the risk of accidents, but it keeps the duties running seamlessly.

Industry Regulations

All oilfield onsite preparations in Texas not only have to follow Osha policies but they have to follow a wide array of industry regulations as well. Working on an oilfield is a business like nothing else. There’s plenty of things that can go wrong that even the veterans of Osha can’t keep up with. That’s why there are specialized regulations that the oilfield must follow, and those tasked with making sure a team follows them are the managers. A manager of the oilfield must take their job seriously in order to get their team to do the job right and follow all regulations stated.


As you may or may not realize by now, things like Drilling services in Texas and oilfield maintenance, it can be expensive while also bringing in large sums of money. That’s why there needs to be someone to control the flow of money. Oftentimes, that falls on the oilfield manager as well. The managers make sure the budgets are working accordingly and help to ensure that funds aren’t going in the wrong place.